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Black Friday Planning: Sedona Lace Synthetics


In this video below, beauty blogger Ariel Hope gives the scoop on the Sedona Lace Synthetic Vortex Professional makeup brushes, which launch on Black Friday. Basically, this takes Sedona Lace’s very popular Vortex Pro brushes and put them into synthetic fibers. Purple synthetic fibers. Again with the purple. Must be an edict from the trend […] Read more…

Hall of Fame: The Artis Elite Oval 10


To be honest, I really did not expect to like the new Artis Elite Collection brushes. At all. From the onset, I thought they were spectacularly beautiful — mirrored in chrome as they are — but I wondered if a drastically different approach to the makeup brush was really, truly needed? I also worried the […] Read more…

What is the Very Best Makeup Brush Brand?


“What is the very best makeup brush brand?” This is a common question out there in the beauty-sphere. But the answer is a little more complicated or convoluted than most consumers might realize. That’s because virtually no cosmetic brands manufacture, or make, their own makeup brushes! And virtually no makeup brush manufacturer makes one brand […] Read more…

Hall of Fame: Stila’s One Step Wonder


This $32 brush is a double-ended synthetic brush that is like having an extra index and ring finger — but better! While the hair is soft, it is tightly packed, or dense, so there is some stiffness to the toe. So this one won’t splay on your face, although it does offer some nice flex. So why […] Read more…

Think Twice About That Colorful Makeup Brush Hair


In its “Best Beauty Buys” section of its March issue, People StyleWatch featured a pretty set of makeup brushes from Aéropostale at the low, low price of $9 for for four brushes! What a deal, right?! Um, maybe yes — but, then again, maybe not. The style of brushes in the set (three eye brushes […] Read more…

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