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Bizarre. Awkward. Bloody Awful. Slightly Mental. – A Beauty Brush Review Like No Other


Granted, Wayne Goss, beauty blogger extraordinaire, now sells his own brushes. So he’s not exactly a fully independent reviewer anymore. But, heck, we still trust (and love!) him. And Wayne basically says that two of the three new MAC Masterclass brushes – you know, the ones that look like toothbrushes — are just, well, strange. […] Read more…

The Mom Who Launched A Makeup Brush Line


Women can do some pretty creative things to support a stay-at-home lifestyle sometimes. In the case of Paula Pokora, of Cheltenham (a spa town in the U.K.), that involved launching a makeup brush line, Nanshy. The name is a take off of some cute babblings from the mouth of her son, Dominic, who was a […] Read more…

A Lesson in Kabuki (Brushes!)


So-called “kabuki” brushes have become pervasive in the cosmetics industry. But if you shop around, you may find yourself wondering: What is a kabuki brush anyway? Historically, it was easy to identify a kabuki brush by its distinctive appearance: A cosmetic brush that had a short stem, or ferrule, with a flat bottom that allowed […] Read more…

Hall of Fame: The Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Multipurpose Brush


Not every MVP has to be a M-A-C. Nor does it have to cost an arm and a leg. Case in point: The Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Top Multipurpose Brush – No 04, sold exclusively at Target. The current price is $15.79. (Which is actually an increase from its original $14.99 and shows people are […] Read more…

Hall of Fame: M-A-C 217 Blending Brush


The My Brush Betty Hall of Fame is reserved for elite makeup brushes, and the M-A-C 217 Blending Brush has earned its spot. The 217, which retails for $24, is one of the most highly reviewed, and most frequently reviewed, makeup brushes of all time. It’s also highly versatile, which makes it a good investment. […] Read more…

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