29 New Brushes, and Cruelty Ain’t One


Urban Decay has spun 29 new UD PRO makeup brushes from recycled plastic bottles. That puts these brushes in the fancy class of advanced new synthetic brushes I’ve written about before.

We give UD a thumbs-up for some smart marketing info here, too: “The brushed gunmetal handles are made from recycled aluminum, and the super-soft, synthetic hair (made from recycled plastic bottles) mimics real hair—from the feel to the pickup and laydown. Another plus: Synthetic brush hair doesn’t hold on to gross bacteria the way porous animal hair can, so it’s easier to clean and more hygienic.”

Generally, I’m a fan of these new brushes because of the fiber. But on the down side: the collection doesn’t show much innovation in toe shapes — some exceptions are mentioned below — and the more advanced synthetic brushes tip toward the more expensive side.This new collection of 29 brushes tops out with the Large Tapered Foundation Brush for $59 and goes down to the itsy-witsy Precise Eyeliner Brush for $18.

All the brushes are sold individually here, and here are my top picks!

UD PRO Optical Blurring Brush ($32)

Urban Decay’s Optical Blurring Brush (left ) is probably overdue for consideration in the My Brush Betty Hall of Fame. It’s a well done synthetic dome style brush that is good for foundation, blush, blending, you name it. This is the same brush everyone loves in an updated handle style and synthetic fiber. What’s not to love there?

UD PRO Domed Concealer Brush ($26)

It’s always best to have a concealer brush in a synthetic for the reasons mentioned above. This is especially important when you may be concealing zits with sticky, high coverage concealers. You don’t want to aggravate things with more bacteria. UD does great domed brushes, which are perfect for blending, and so this small wonder of a concealer brush is perfect for the task.

UD PRO Diffusing Blush Brush ($32)

Just in time for summer bronzing, this angled blush brush (right) has a nice healthy toe that’s angled enough to deliver soft contours, but without making you look like you drew fake chisel marks on your face.

 UD PRO Moondust Brush ($24)

This brush is the perfect little gem to deposit some gold fairy dust on your lid tops, and to pack it there tight. UD is the queen of moondust shadows, so this is a must if you love your glitter.

UD PRO The Finger Brush ($26)

Who couldn’t use an extra finger when doing their makeup? Now you have one. Perfect for anything a finger is good for, which is most everything. That makes this brush an excellent multitasker.

UD PRO Diffusing Highlighter Brush ($32)

This highlighter has a smaller toe than others you might encounter on the market, which makes it a better, more precise tool so you don’t look like a glistening fool.



Sarah A. Webster
My Brush Betty

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