Studio 54-Inspired Makeup Brushes — Right On!


AlexisBittarBrushescMove over, Artis! There’s a new diva in the house! And just in time for the holiday selling season, too.

We were pretty high on the spectacularly innovative and chrome-plated brushes from Artis, but these new ladies are just breathtaking.

These Studio 54-inspired upscale disco brushes are from jewelry designer Alexis Bittar, who is taking his gilded, sculptural skills into the land of brushmaking — exclusively at Sephora.

According to the marketing materials, this limited-edition brush set features intricate 24 karat gold-plated ferrules, Swarovski crystals and lucite acrylic handles inspired by Alexis Bittar’s jewelry. The set contains a powder brush, angled blush brush, eyeshadow brush, smudge brush, angled liner brush and display stand.

The custom multifaceted onyx stand creates a vanity display for your brushes. This five-piece collection uses both natural and synthetic fiber, which the Sephora Gods call “Satine.”

For $175, it’s the perfect holiday gift for somebody you really love a lot, like maybe even yourself.

Alexis Bittar even blogged about how Sephora approached him to create the brushes! He also decided to do “a compact mirror with a black tassel,” he wrote, “…because it’s an essential when dancing the late nights. That’s coming from a gay man…so you ladies can decide.”

s1630482-main-zoomThe collection also includes a $58 beauty brush with travel wrap, seen to the left here.

Oh God, I love the nightlife …

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