Spectacularly Beautiful & Innovative New Makeup Brushes


Artis makeup brushes.

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A while back, we wrote about MAC’s innovative new oval and linear Masterclass brushes that look like toothbrushes or loofahs or the like.

matthew-waitesmithThe brushes were actually the brainchild of Matthew Waitesmith, a former senior vice president at MAC Cosmetics, who is now a consulting partner at Taiki USA, a leading global brush manufacturer.

Well, he has now launched a full line of brushes in this style under the brand Artis.

MAC Masterclass brushes.

MAC Masterclass brushes.

Well, the MACs are true to their brand in matte black, and they are sold at MAC prices.

However, the Artis brushes are just wow, spectacularly beautiful — with mirrored, elegant handles and lush synthetic toes that resemble the finest luxury hair brushes. These are glamorous brushes worthy of the dressing table of a beautiful princess or Hollywood starlet.

The other difference: While MAC sells just three oval brushes, Artis sells a full line of these brushes and is totally invested in this new brush design.


Luxury Brushes

The Artis line of brushes is unmistakable luxury – and if you were confused about that, they’ve even added the label “elite” on all the brush names just so you were totally clear. But these brushes are not totally out of reach.

tumblr_static_artis-elite_brushes-lineupThe 10-brush line sells for $275.Or, separately:

  1. The Artis Elite Oval 10 (largest, for face or body): $62.
  2. The Artis Elite Oval 8 (large, for foundation or powder): $52
  3. The Artis Elite Oval 6 (small-medium, for eyes or face): $52
  4. The Artis Elite Oval 4 (smaller, for eyes, concealer, etc): $36
  5. The Artis Elite Oval 3 (smaller, for shading and blending): $32
  6. The Artis Elite Linear 6 (for a wider line): $37
  7. The Artis Elite Linear 3 (medium line, eye area): $31
  8. The Artis Elite Linear 1 (small line, brows, eyeliner): $25
  9. The Artis Elite Circle 1R (small circle, eye area, crease): $24
  10. The Artis Elite Circle 1 (curved, small circle, lip): $24

The brushes also are sold as a three brush set ($75) or five brush set ($135).


mirror_brush_shop_thumbThe Artis line uses CosmeFibre synthetic fiber, and they are densely packed. The Oval 10, for example, has over 250,000 individual fibers.

While the handles appear to be metal in the photographs, they are actually chrome-plated thermoplastic — ABS to be precise — which is lighter than real metal brushes would be. Still, We’re curious about the weight of the handle in the hand.

These brushes do require a special, or rather different, technique to use — as they are clearly not conventional — and we’ve included a couple of videos below that are relevant. One is the official Artis Brush video with the heavy-duty luxury voice over (marketing overkill) and we’re also including Wayne Goss’ review of the MAC oval/linear brushes.

We think beauty tools that are this innovative are going to take some getting used to, so we’re not surprised by the harsh and/or negative reviews of the MAC Masterclass brushes, but these Artis brushes are so darn pretty that we feel compelled to give them a chance!

And, yeah, pretty matters. Just go ask poor Nars Cosmetics, which still can’t keep its Nars Ita in stock. 🙁


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  1. Chris
    September 12, 2015 at 2:31 am (9 years ago)

    The price has definitely gone up in the past year! And it seems that MAC is now only selling the Masterclass brush in Oval 6. I did find an amazing knock off on Amazon (a few actually) for less than $20. I think the size is similar to the Oval 6. The head is about 1.5 inches. One of the knock offs, by the brand name Etude, comes with a replaceable sponge head as well. That one hasn’t arrived yet, but the first one I ordered, the Cailyn O Wow brush ($17.95) feels great and works GREAT. First day using it. Now I’m on the hunt for more options. I’m trying to find a knock off of the Oval 8 or even the Oval 10. If you know of any please let me know. OH, by the way, I found a crazy-cheap knock off also on Amazon for $2.99! The company is KingMas and yes, I’m super skeptical, but it’s not much of a risk at that price. Thanks for the review!


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