We’ve Got Reviews! The Bareskin Perfecting Face Brush


Here’s the word on the street about the BareSkin Perfecting Face Brush, which is part of Bare Escentuals’ new bareSkin line.

The reviews are pretty mixed, and you can see in watching the videos that the size of the brush head is small compared to some other kabuki brushes. You will notice a few women below give up on the brush and start using their fingers :l

In addition to the videos below, we also recommend taking a look at the reviews here before buying.

Conceptually, this brush does solve a problem with traditional flat-top kabuki brushes, which apply product like a chisel-tip Sharpie. By lifting the outer edges, it does create a more natural finish.

That said, it appears to create another issue where getting those initial blots of makeup directly on the skin may be more challenging, especially when you start out with one tiny drop. One of the reviewers below said the brush works better when you tap the foundation on your skin and then buff it out. Which may challenge the point of the brush in the first place for some women …

If you don’t want to splurge on the $28 bareSkin Perfecting Face Brush, vlogger Tracy Timberlake also has some other good suggestions.

OMG, this video below is so funny, and she doesn’t use the bareSkin brush, but it’s so funny we had to include it … She does swear a little bit in the beginning, so just be prepared for it. Also, check out TheSocialiteLife’s brush stash to her side … IMPRESSIVE!

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