Makeup Brush Hoarders Unite!


We have been fans of vlogger Laura (hapagurl8) for some time now, and we really enjoyed her review of her latest brush haul.

In particular we feel a sisterly love with her take on brushes. Says Laura: “I love makeup brushes. They are my favorite things to buy. I love makeup brushes even more than I love makeup. So I do find that I have a hoarding problem. I just want more and more and more.”

Despite that “problem,” Laura’s husband got her a Chakuhodo Noel Collection Neigh Brush Set … which features undyed goat hair and spectacular blue handles. (Don’t we all deserve partners with such good taste!) The set is apparently sold out on Beautylish. 🙁

Among the many brushes she mentions or reviews:

We’ll let Laura tell you what she thinks of the brushes because we think she has brush-credibility! The video is 13M long, but you can admire her lovely silver eyeshadow job while she schools you … The only thing that raised an eyebrow here was comparing the Real Techniques Bold Metals synthetic brush to an $83 blue squirrel powder brush from Hakuhodo.


Sarah A. Webster
My Brush Betty

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