BRUSH WATCH! A Stippling Brush For You Skunky Pointillists

Stipple Brush - Allure March 2014

Sample from the March 2014 issue of Allure.

Applying makeup is very much like painting, and a stippling brush is useful for those who want to take their notes from the hip-for-their-time pointillists — such as pixelation experts Georges Seurat and Paul Signac.

In its March issue, which features Victoria Beckham waxing oh-so-ironic about how she wants her privacy, while sitting for an elaborate photo spread, Allure — The Beauty Expert — features the Sephora Collection Pro Domed Stippling Brush.Allure March 2014

The duo-fiber brush retails for $36 at Sephora. The brush gets five-star reviews on Sephora’s site, with reviewers boasting how it applies all manner of foundations with an airbrush finish.

The mention in Allure features a quick-and-dirty definition of stippling, with some advice from a makeup artist. Interestingly, this very short definition says a stippling brush has “blunt, white-tipped bristles,” although they feature a stippling brush with a domed top – proving that a stippling brush does not, indeed, have to be flat or blunt on top. P.S.: A stippling brush also does not need be white on top either.

Mac 187Anyhoo … there’s plenty of brush choices when it comes to stippling. The most popular stippling brushes in the market are:

One word of caution: While shedding is becoming less and less frequent as brush quality continues to improve industry-wide, stippling is a technique that can be especially unpleasant if your brush is shedding at all. Hairs can literally get stuck in your skin as you dab or poke the brush in a 90-degree angle with your skin. For this reason, you might want to really handle a brush before purchasing it for this reason.

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