Allure: Brush Pearl Doesn’t Really Work


So, someone over at Allure, “The Beauty Expert” magazine, tested out the Brush Pearl, which is essentially a tiny dishwasher for your makeup brushes.

Bottom line: It didn’t really work.

As the author, Stephanie Saltzman, writes: “Frictionless cleaning wasn’t going to cut it; bring on the elbow grease. Insert sad-face emoji here.”

Which isn’t all that surprising to those of us familiar with science and disgusting brushes.

brushpearlreleaseThe machine uses ultrasonic cleaning — and ultrasonic cleaning only — to clean brushes.

Ultimately, ultrasonic cleaning isn’t good enough. Thus the pile of dirty wet brushes over at Allure, and the accompanying frown-y face on the Artis oval brush:

Allure tried out a new method of cleaning makeup brushes. But it didn't really work.

Allure tried out a new method of cleaning makeup brushes. But it didn’t really work.

You actually need cavitation (the underlying method of ultrasonic) along with some real agitation of the brush fiber (which the Brush Pearl doesn’t appear to offer) in order to really clean your brushes.


BrushCutawayWell, the first reason is that brush fiber, whether natural or synthetic, has lots of microscopic crevices in it that are used to hold onto makeup product and put it on your face. When makeup products, many of which are sticky and long lasting, get really embedded in those crevices, it can be super difficult to get that crud out. That’s why cleaning brushes is so time consuming and difficult.

Wet wipes are a cute (and decent) short-term solution, if you really want to get those brushes good and clean (and to remove all the bacteria) they need a good bath once a week, like the kind you can get in MyBrushBetty! She’s the Original (and super effective) Makeup Brush Washing Machine!

Of course, we are a tad biased over here at My Brush Betty. But we’ve been successfully fighting dirty brushes this way for over a decade, so we know what we’re talking about!


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