Brush Watch! The Heavenly “It” Powder Brush – for $48 Buckeroos.


Image 90Image 91New Beauty magazine, “The Beauty Authority” — which is not to be confused with Allure, which is “The Beauty Expert” — has featured It Cosmetics’ Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush in the “Trend Report” of its most recent issue.

It’s the only brush featured in the issue, so you know it must be B-I-G!

And, INDEED, the Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush is a big soft-and-fluffy synthetic brush.

But is it worth $48?

The brush gets solidly good reviews (4/8 out of 5) on Makeup Alley and on QVC, where It Cosmetics Creator and CEO Jamie Kerns sells her product.

As New Beauty notes: This brush “delivers flawless, allover coverage that mimics the look of an airbrushed application.”

So, if you regularly use mineral makeup, this might be a good investment. If you’re just going to use it to apply powder, however, there may be better options out there for you. And then, there’s always this.

One of the thing we like about all of Jamie’s brushes at It Cosmetics is they feel substantial. Synthetic doesn’t have to feel cheap. The hair itself is similar to other upper-end synthetics on the market, most notably the Too Faced “Teddy Bear Hair,” and it is densely packed and in lovely toe configurations. However, the distinguishing factor in her brushes is their weight and rubberized handles. That extra touch gives the brush an upscale tactile feel, which isn’t always the case with synthetic brushes. Good Job, Jamie! 😉


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