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The Science – Yes, Science! – of Makeup Brushes


As I’ve written before, if you’re only familiar with the term “taklon” when talking about synthetic makeup brushes, then you really are shortchanging your beauty knowledge. There’s a whole range of advanced new synthetic makeup fibers on the market that are good not just with liquids and cream, but also with powders. And that news […] Read more…

Synthetic Makeup Brushes Today – Not All Created Equal


Today’s synthetic makeup brushes are not your grandma’s stiff nylon bristles. So if you only know the name “Taklon,” it’s time to expand your beauty vocabulary. Today’s modern synthetic fibers, such as Tafre and Natrafil, offer excellent “pickup and payoff” of powder makeup, in addition to liquids and creams. For decades now, the conventional wisdom […] Read more…