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10 Best of the Best – Makeup Brush Sets


What is the very best makeup brush set on the market? To be honest, answering that question depends a bit on your budget. The most expensive brush set on this Best of the Best list is $650, with the most affordable full set coming in at $8.55 on eBay. And there are several brush collections […] Read more…

Fan Brushes – Why?


If you’re new to the wild world of makeup, you may ask yourself: What is the point of a fan brush? Powder? Blush? Bronzer? Contouring? Highlighting? Clean-up? Actually, the answer is all of the above, and all women — especially us makeup lovers — could greatly benefit from a lighter hand sometimes. And that is […] Read more…

What is the Perfect Brush For Covering Zits?


We really wish there was one super-awesome, double-ended makeup brush on the market for covering zits. Which requires both concealing and blending. But, alas, there is not. And, honestly, with all the brushes on the market, we are disappointed about this very apparent gap in the marketplace.There are a lot of zits out there, people! […] Read more…