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Mariah Carey MAC Brush 183 Side View - My Brush Betty

Don’t Stop Believing – New Brushes For 2017


Hello Loves! There’s so much new in the land of makeup brushes for 2017, and many perfect items for getting ready for Valentine’s Day! I apologize for being gone so long, but there was there has been a new job, a distracting election, and a demanding 4-year-old keeping me busy. As Mariah Carey would say, […] Read more…

Wayne Goss Launches Aniversary Brush Set


Just in time for the holidays, beauty vlogger Wayne Goss has launched a limited edition 8-brush anniversary set for $225 at Beautylish. What’s the anniversary of? His first breakthrough brush set, of course! That set, which brought a more Japanese makeup brush style to the mainstream, went like gangbusters. This also Japanese-made brushes include an […] Read more…

Do Some Color Warpainting With the Master


Oh my. One little mention in Allure, and you get all backordered and sold out beyond belief. All hail, the power of the ladies mag. Or, maybe it’s just those fantastic colors. In any case, the Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition of 10 brushes in honor of British artist Linda Mason is being sold exclusively at […] Read more…

A Colorful Makeup Brush Set For a Technicolor Spring


Spring is coming! Spring is coming! If you couldn’t tell from Katy Perry’s Technicolor Super Bowl performance last night, you can look for proof in these delightful and colorful brushes from Sephora. The “Different Strokes Brush Set” retails for $54, which isn’t exactly cheap — but it’s also not expensive relatively speaking. Pink, apricot, sunny […] Read more…

Black Friday Planning: Sedona Lace Synthetics


In this video below, beauty blogger Ariel Hope gives the scoop on the Sedona Lace Synthetic Vortex Professional makeup brushes, which launch on Black Friday. Basically, this takes Sedona Lace’s very popular Vortex Pro brushes and put them into synthetic fibers. Purple synthetic fibers. Again with the purple. Must be an edict from the trend […] Read more…

Hall of Fame: The Artis Elite Oval 10


To be honest, I really did not expect to like the new Artis Elite Collection brushes. At all. From the onset, I thought they were spectacularly beautiful — mirrored in chrome as they are — but I wondered if a drastically different approach to the makeup brush was really, truly needed? I also worried the […] Read more…

It’s the Brush-iest Time of Year Again!


Happy Holidays! It’s the brushiest time of year again, a limited-edition time of year again … Get your holiday brushes while you can! Cheers, My Brush Betty P.S.: Our top pick is the Smashbox Pro set below. It’s one of the most complete sets below, so very useful! Smashbox brushes are also solid.       […] Read more…

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