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Wayne Goss Launches Aniversary Brush Set


Just in time for the holidays, beauty vlogger Wayne Goss has launched a limited edition 8-brush anniversary set for $225 at Beautylish. What’s the anniversary of? His first breakthrough brush set, of course! That set, which brought a more Japanese makeup brush style to the mainstream, went like gangbusters. This also Japanese-made brushes include an […] Read more…

Black Friday Planning: Sedona Lace Synthetics


In this video below, beauty blogger Ariel Hope gives the scoop on the Sedona Lace Synthetic Vortex Professional makeup brushes, which launch on Black Friday. Basically, this takes Sedona Lace’s very popular Vortex Pro brushes and put them into synthetic fibers. Purple synthetic fibers. Again with the purple. Must be an edict from the trend […] Read more…