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Australian model Anthea Page gets eye infection requiring medication from a dirty makeup brush. News follows other cases of dirty makeup brushes causing breakouts and infections, including the story of an Australian mother who was paralyzed by a dirty makeup brush.

Model Gets Infection from Dirty Makeup Brushes


The subject of dirty makeup brushes—and the damage they can do—is a perennial topic here at My Brush Betty. Normally, that includes the everyday perils of dirty makeup brushes, such as breakouts and muddy makeup application, but our coverage has also included a young mother paralyzed and countless infections, which require medication to treat. Today, […] Read more…

Allure: Brush Pearl Doesn’t Really Work


So, someone over at Allure, “The Beauty Expert” magazine, tested out the Brush Pearl, which is essentially a tiny dishwasher for your makeup brushes. Bottom line: It didn’t really work. As the author, Stephanie Saltzman, writes: “Frictionless cleaning wasn’t going to cut it; bring on the elbow grease. Insert sad-face emoji here.” Which isn’t all […] Read more…

More Dirty Makeup Brush Stories


Happy Throwback Thursday — The perfect day to revisit even more news about dirty, bacteria-filled makeup brushes! After the news about an Australian Mom being paralyzed by the bacteria from a dirty makeup brush, a group of reporters and anchors at a CBS affiliate in Richmond, Va., thought it would be a fun idea to […] Read more…

Hall of Fame: The Artis Elite Oval 10


To be honest, I really did not expect to like the new Artis Elite Collection brushes. At all. From the onset, I thought they were spectacularly beautiful — mirrored in chrome as they are — but I wondered if a drastically different approach to the makeup brush was really, truly needed? I also worried the […] Read more…

Wil it Go-Go? Brush Medic’s Dryer and Sterilizer


Filthy, dirty makeup brushes are one of the dirtiest little secrets of the beauty industry — one for which there haven’t been fast, easy, thorough solutions. So it’s no surprise that beauty lovers, and acne-fighters, keep trying to solve this problem, especially for women with lots of brushes. My Brush Betty’s research shows that is […] Read more…

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes


First off: Yes, dirty makeup brushes do, indeed, cause and aggravate acne. Just ask any dermatologist. But while there is broad agreement that brushes should be washed regularly to remove bacteria, there is a lot of conflicting advice about how regularly brushes need to be washed and what is the best way to wash them. Washing […] Read more…

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