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On The Brow Beat: Brushes Crush Pencils


If eyes are the windows to the soul, than your eyebrows are surely the frame. Whether that frame is natural and bushy in the style of Brooke Shields circa 1980, full and defined à la Kim Kardashian or neat and clean like a wholesome Cate Blanchett tends to be somewhat personal – and sway a little bit with the trends of […] Read more…

Hall of Fame: M-A-C 217 Blending Brush


The My Brush Betty Hall of Fame is reserved for elite makeup brushes, and the M-A-C 217 Blending Brush has earned its spot. The 217, which retails for $24, is one of the most highly reviewed, and most frequently reviewed, makeup brushes of all time. It’s also highly versatile, which makes it a good investment. […] Read more…

They’re he-re … About those Wayne Goss brushes


If you are truly serious about makeup or makeup brushes, chances are you already know Wayne Goss. If not, he is a rock star makeup artist, instructor and vlogger, with more than a million YouTube subscribers. In what may be one of the most anticipated makeup brush launches ever, “Wayne Goss, The Collection” debuted exclusively […] Read more…