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Mariah Carey MAC Brush 183 Side View - My Brush Betty

Don’t Stop Believing – New Brushes For 2017


Hello Loves! There’s so much new in the land of makeup brushes for 2017, and many perfect items for getting ready for Valentine’s Day! I apologize for being gone so long, but there was there has been a new job, a distracting election, and a demanding 4-year-old keeping me busy. As Mariah Carey would say, […] Read more…

What is the *Very* Best Foundation Brush?


Finding a good foundation brush should be so simple, right? But if you’ve ever had difficulty finding a foundation brush that works great for you, take comfort: you’re in good company, and there’s a legitimate, logical explanation for all the frustrating trial and error. First of all, there are tons of different types of foundation […] Read more…

A (Fun!) Review of The Estee Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush


Happy New Year Brush Lovers! Below, Victor Salazar of the Makeup Talks vlog gives a review of Estee Lauder’s Sculping Foundation Brush, a unique brush with a time-saving design that is a very innovative in several respects. If you haven’t taken a closer look at this brush, we strongly encourage you to do so. The […] Read more…

Hall of Fame: Stila’s One Step Wonder


This $32 brush is a double-ended synthetic brush that is like having an extra index and ring finger — but better! While the hair is soft, it is tightly packed, or dense, so there is some stiffness to the toe. So this one won’t splay on your face, although it does offer some nice flex. So why […] Read more…

BRUSH WATCH! A Stippling Brush For You Skunky Pointillists


Applying makeup is very much like painting, and a stippling brush is useful for those who want to take their notes from the hip-for-their-time pointillists — such as pixelation experts Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. In its March issue, which features Victoria Beckham waxing oh-so-ironic about how she wants her privacy, while sitting for an […] Read more…

What is the *Very* Best Brush for Applying Mineral Makeup?


Mineral makeup — tiny particles of mineral, such as iron oxide or talc, that have been ground, milled or micronized — has become one of the most popular types of foundation on the market, and its sellers proclaim many benefits for the skin. But the finish you achieve with those teensy-weensy particles has a great deal to […] Read more…

Bizarre. Awkward. Bloody Awful. Slightly Mental. – A Beauty Brush Review Like No Other


Granted, Wayne Goss, beauty blogger extraordinaire, now sells his own brushes. So he’s not exactly a fully independent reviewer anymore. But, heck, we still trust (and love!) him. And Wayne basically says that two of the three new MAC Masterclass brushes – you know, the ones that look like toothbrushes — are just, well, strange. […] Read more…

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