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Mariah Carey MAC Brush 183 Side View - My Brush Betty

Don’t Stop Believing – New Brushes For 2017


Hello Loves! There’s so much new in the land of makeup brushes for 2017, and many perfect items for getting ready for Valentine’s Day! I apologize for being gone so long, but there was there has been a new job, a distracting election, and a demanding 4-year-old keeping me busy. As Mariah Carey would say, […] Read more…

Breaking: Kylie Jenner Uses Artis Makeup Brush


She’s just like us! Kylie Jenner, the 18-year-old member of the Kardashian Klan, appears to be a fan of the Artis makeup brush line. The beauty-net has blown up with this important breaking news: Kylie used a $72 Artis Elite Mirror Oval 10 to rub some moisturizer in the face of her assistant, Victoria, during […] Read more…

New Rihanna Brushes From MAC


Expect more celebrity-endorsed makeup brushes as the makeup brush industry continues to develop more materials and styles. Today, MAC Cosmetics unveiled Rihanna’s new #RiRiHeartsMAC Fall collection, which includes several unique brushes. It’s available at MAC Cosmetics, in stores & online! The blush-pink handles bear Rihanna’s signature in a deep pink. The ferrules are a pretty […] Read more…