Fan Brushes – Why?


bigstock-Removing-Excess-Of-Powder-Usin-42955651If you’re new to the wild world of makeup, you may ask yourself: What is the point of a fan brush?


Actually, the answer is all of the above, and all women — especially us makeup lovers — could greatly benefit from a lighter hand sometimes.

And that is precisely what a fan brush offers: A light, butterfly-kisses approach to makeup application. bigstock-Beautiful-Girl-With-Orchid-Flo-38744083

Many women think of a fan brush as a frivolous novelty brush. NOT SO!

In fact, fan brushes are drastically underrated and underappreciated, and we wish more brush makers would sell them, as there’s a lot of potential for more variation in design.

Why? A fan brush is actually a great multi-tasker.

For starters, it’s a bit more goof-proof than other brushes. With fan brushes: There’s usually no super-matte-powdered-down-clown look. There’s no harsh line when contouring. There’s no Oompa-Loompa over-bronzing. There’s no ice-princess over-highlighting.

And while you can use many kinds of brushes to knock off fallout from eyeshadow, this is also the best brush to lightly fling away particles without causing streaks.

The other great thing about fan brushes: You can get a perfectly good one on the cheap!

Top Fan Brushes

There’s a lot of great affordable fan brushes, so you can even stock up on a few of them to use for different purposes. Some good choices, in order of price:

Even More Information

Tip: If you watch this video below, skip to about 1:14 … where Josh actually starts his brush review …



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