Finalizing the Final Details …


Heading into the final weeks before the Kickstarter launch of My Brush Betty was insane.

I had to finalize my website, YouTube page, Pinterest page, Facebook page, press release, fact sheets, media downloads … make sure all the links worked, that the wording everywhere was consistent and correct.

Every little fix would send me down a rabbit hole of activity. When I popped back out, I’d ask: Where was I with this again?

I also created this masterful spreadsheet with my marketing plan that included almost every Tweet, every communication, every ad.

And it’s not like I had an assistant or intern to help with this. It was all me, usually burning the midnight oil after my daughter and husband were asleep every night.

And did I mention that I also have a regular job? And we were going through our 2015 budgeting during time …

Fun times.

I also wanted to review my financials on my Kickstarter goal and rewards for the umpteenth time.

As I closed in on my targeted launch date of Sunday, Oct. 26, which would mean closing out my 30-day campaign the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I was about as twitchy as ever.

Despite all this time and money invested, I also kept telling myself that I could back out if I wanted to.  … and I kept thinking about this news story I read once about how people generally overestimate risk. I then discovered a bunch of stories that people underestimate risk (Thanks Internet?!)

But I was at the edge of the cliff now, with my cute little makeup brush cleaner and stacks of crossed-off to-do lists and plans. And it was time ….

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By Sarah A. Webster
My Brush Betty

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