Hall of Fame: The Louise Young Super Fan Brush


Oh, that Louise Young Super Fan Brush — She knows no match.

In the land of makeup brushes, it is truly rare to say a brush has no suitable dupe. But in this case, it’s absolutely true. And also fairly sad, since this brush, also called the LY20, is superior in so many respects that we deem it worthy of induction into the My Brush Betty Hall of Fame.

First of all, fan brushes are a highly under-appreciated form of brush, but beauty insiders know that fan brushes are actually superior in many respects. For powder application, contouring, highlighting, cleanup, you name it.

In the land of these under-appreciated fan brushes, it is more than safe to say that the LY20 is The Queen.

So let us count the ways in which this brush is superior and worthy of adding to your collection, even at the retail price of $42.

First of all, this is a substantial, dense fan brush. It is not wispy or wimpy. That means it’s as good for application as cleanup. You cannot say that for all fan brushes.

It’s especially spectacular at patting on powder right where you want it. Unlike a big crazy powder brush that can dust product everywhere.

If you examine the side view of the LY20, you will also find a nicely packed thin line that is perfect for contouring, bronzing or depositing highlighter on a nice line, just as the sun would, say, hit the top of your cheekbone.

The hair is also super soft, and Louise Young informs us it is made of  natural goat hair.



But don’t just trust us.

Here’s what everyone else has to say about it:

The Non-Blonde: Louise Young LY20 Super Fan Brush: “LY20, the Super Fan Brush, is this really big and somewhat menacing tool that is actually as soft and easy to use as can be. Yes, it’s a league of its own among fan brushes … it does quite a bit more than just finishing your makeup application. The brush is wonderfully crafted and weighted, so holding and maneuvering it every which way is easy and comfortable.”

Sweet Makeup Temptations: Louise Young brushes and palette: “A gorgeous brush. It’s one of the most unique brushes, a huge and dense fan brush that I use to apply blush or highlight.”

Sparkly Vodka: Louise Young LY20 Super Fan Brush: “I normally suck at contouring but this brush makes it so simple. Its really fluffy and blends out any harsh lines with the greatest of ease. Its even better than the MAC 109 brush.”

Femme Divided: Louise Young Brush Review: “There was a time not too long ago when I seriously couldn’t understand why anyone really needed a fan brush. I felt like I had so many other brushes that could do the same job that fan brushes are meant for. The LY20 Super Fan Brush has proven me wrong. This thing is amazing.”

Five-star Nordstrom Reviews:

“Best Fan Brush. There are a few of these brushes out in the market right now, and in my opinion this one is the best. Depending on the way you hold this brush and at what angle you are applying product, it is great to add highlighter above the cheek bones, you can use the narrow part to apply bronzer to the contours of your face, it can be used to apply a light dusting of blush or setting powder, or you can leave it clean and use it to blend your makeup at the end. I’ve seen some YouTube reviews where people are mentioning this more as a novelty brush, but I disagree. My favorite use for this is for the highlighter, but I use it for everything, and it does look pretty. I have washed it many times and have not noticed shedding problems.”

Or this: “The Best Brush Ever. If you are thinking about this, do it! It is a pricey brush but it is worth every hair. I use it for Bare Essentials base powder. Beautiful investment!”

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