Hall of Fame: Stila’s One Step Wonder


Stila #33This $32 brush is a double-ended synthetic brush that is like having an extra index and ring finger — but better!

While the hair is soft, it is tightly packed, or dense, so there is some stiffness to the toe. So this one won’t splay on your face, although it does offer some nice flex.

So why is it worthy of the My Brush Betty Hall of Fame?

Lots of reasons!

Namely, this brush — also a 2011 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner — is a great multitasker, in addition to being a high-quality brush. It feels durable, the ferrule is thick and shiny. Nothing about this brush feels cheap in the hand.

There’s also nothing else quite like this double-ended brush on the market.

The pointiness of larger toe on this brush is great not just for foundation but for drawing on contouring very precisely, say, along the side of the nose or the cheekbone. Honestly, it’s great for any task you might use your index finger for.

Unlike a flat toe foundation brush, this also seems a better toe configuration for applying cream foundation and it can be used to buff in product.

The smaller side of the toe is good for concealer, lipstick, eyeshadow, smudgy eyeliner, you name it!

Both pointed ends of the brush are good at reaching into the crevices on the side of your nose.

If you’re looking for a good zit figher/concealer, this is also a good choice as it does foundation and concealer in one. While Stila’s website claims this brush’s synthetic fibers “eliminate the transfer of oils and bacteria,” that’s not exactly true. It will transfer oils and bacteria. However, synthetic brushes don’t provide bacteria with organic matter on which to further breed. That said, you still need to wash it.

Reviewers of this brush give it high marks across the board — on MakeupAlley.com, Sephora, or Amazon.

Rose, for example, writes that this is her favorite brush hands-down: “This brush is extraordinary. The brush works so great for foundation concelear, powder, blush. The brush is so soft and it blends the product really well. This is the only brush I use for my foundation because it leave my skin crease free. I really recommend this brush to everyone.”

Eleaf25 on Sephora writes that this brush is “worth the price … I love this brush.” Another says “2 in 1, both awesome.”

Now, if people have one complaint about this brush it is: Because it is a double-ended brush, you cannot store in a cup as many women do their traditional brushes. But quite frankly, that is a horrible way to store a brush anyway, as it just allows dust and debris to settle on the top of the brush — the part you actually apply to your face.

Ultimately, if you were stranded on a desert island, you could survive with just one or two of these brushes. Which makes it a great travel companion!

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