Don’t Care How, I Want it Now!


wa1_13We love Sonia over at Sweet Makeup Temptations, and her absolute and epic dedication to Japanese makeup brushes.

She recently wrote about her adventures, frustration and, essentially, gambling when it comes to buying makeup brushes off Japanese websites, without speaking a lick of Japanese and with a little help from Google Chrome. In her “Lost in Translation” posting, she includes this disclaimer: “Be careful with any online shopping you do, there is always a risk and neither I, nor my kind commenters will be held responsible of any issue encountered and sometimes, problems happen.” … But, overall, it looks like she’s having fun, despite a few headaches along the way.

KashoenNow, is it really necessary to endure all this to get a great makeup brush? Absolutely, not!

But as Sonia notes, brush making is art to her, and so worth the hunt and adventure. You can see why she thinks that when you watch the TLC going on in this video below from Japanese brush maker Kashoen, whose brushes we featured in this posting.

If you try to buy some Japanese brushes from a non-English site: 幸運 (Good luck)!



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