My Brush Betty Launches Kickstarter for Brush Washing Machine


Kickstarter Thumb2 10142014-01DETROIT, Oct. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — My Brush Betty, the blog dedicated to makeup brushes, has launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to support the manufacturing of a first-of-its-kind makeup brush washing machine, which allows beauty lovers to quickly deep clean a handful of brushes at one time.

More than 75% of US women report cleaning their makeup brushes just a few times a year, if at all. While most women say they would prefer to clean their brushes every week, they also say they don’t do it because it’s a time-consuming chore.

My Brush Betty’s Original Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit is a high-efficiency washing machine for makeup brushes. It shake-cleans a handful of dirty makeup brushes fast — one minute for cleaning and one minute for rinsing.

The kit includes a uniquely designed shaker bottle and angled drying mat. The shaker bottle has a clever cleaning disk inside a twist-off bottom that protects the shape of makeup brushes during shake-cleaning. The angled drying mat allows a handful of makeup brushes to be dried elevated and on a slant, hair-side down, speeding up drying. Conveniently, the mat rolls up and stores right inside the bottle.

Using My Brush Betty is fast and easy. Simply add your soap, lukewarm water and a handful of dirty makeup brushes to the bottle. Then, shake your brushes inside for one full minute. After two quick shake-rinse cycles, remove your brushes, blot the water off, reshape the brush hair and set your brushes on the angled mat, hair-side down, to dry.

“Women buy tens of millions of makeup brushes every year around the world, and pretty much hate cleaning them,” said Sarah A. Webster, the inventor of My Brush Betty. “Why spend gobs of money on expensive skin care and makeup if you’re simply going to rub a dirty, bacteria-filled brush on your face? With My Brush Betty, you can finally clean your brushes quickly, easily and thoroughly.”

My Brush Betty’s Kickstarter campaign, which aims to raise $275,000, started Sunday, Oct. 26 and runs until 2 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 25. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing crowdfunding tool that accepts pledges in return for rewards.

A limited number of My Brush Betty’s Original Makeup Brush Cleaning Kits are available at a discount as Early Bird Specials on Kickstarter.

Deep Cleaning Based on Science

My Brush Betty’s Original Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit is a superior cleaning tool based on science. Because it cleans brushes so thoroughly, it is an especially important tool for women with acne and other skin-care problems.

“Any dermatologist will tell you that dirty makeup brushes are an often overlooked source of acne,” Webster said. “That’s because the qualities that enable makeup brushes to pick up and apply tiny particles of makeup are the exact same qualities that help them harbor and spread bacteria.”

Whether makeup brushes are made with real, natural animal hair or synthetic fibers, that hair has a microscopically textured surface structure that allows it to pick up makeup particles. In real hair, that surface structure is called the cuticle, and it’s made up of tiny scales. Synthetic fibers are usually made to mimic cuticle. This textured surface structure is also what makes makeup brushes so dirty and difficult to clean — those tiny crevices trap everything!

But when soapy water is shaken inside the My Brush Betty bottle, the turbulence creates little air bubbles and a process called cavitation that is very powerful at cleaning out little crevices. Every time a bubble pops, it sends a shock wave, or a vibration, through the water that helps to loosen tiny particles trapped inside the textured surface structure of makeup brush hair. Cavitation is the same process used in an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the crevices of jewelry.

Because this process is so efficient at cleaning brush hair, and works so quickly, the brush is never exposed to water long enough to compromise the integrity of the brush.

The Dirty Makeup Brush Survey

My Brush Betty’s survey of more than 500 U.S. women shows that a majority of women want to clean their makeup brushes more often than they do.

When asked how often they would prefer their brushes to be cleaned, most women said once a week (34%), followed by every month (24%), once a year (16%), every day (14%) or every few months (12%).

However, most women reported actually cleaning their brushes a lot less. In fact, 46% reported never cleaning their brushes, followed by those who reported cleaning their brushes every few months (20%), every month (14%), once a year (11%), once a week (7%) and every day (2%).

The No. 1 reason women gave for not cleaning their brushes more often was that it was a time-consuming chore.

My Brush Betty’s Original Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit is a premium brush care solution that is fast, easy and effective.

Nearly a Decade of Testing

My Brush Betty was invented in 2005 when Webster was a busy newspaper reporter and just didn’t have time to clean her makeup brushes the recommended way: one at a time.

One hectic day, she simply dropped a handful of brushes into a sports drink bottle with warm water and a dab of dish soap, and she shook them clean. It was amazingly fast and effective.

This method had just one problem: The brushes smashed into the bottom of the bottle and the hair would spread apart or splay. Eventually, she figured out how to stop that from happening – by gluing the bristles of a hairbrush to the interior bottom of the container!

Webster cleaned her makeup brushes this way for nearly a decade before finally deciding to bring this idea to market.

About My Brush Betty

Launched in October 2013, My Brush Betty’s Makeup Brush Blog is entirely devoted to the topic of makeup brushes. At My Brush Betty, #welovemakeupbrushes: The art, science, manufacturing, marketing and, of course, care and cleaning. My Brush Betty’s Original Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit is a premium brush care solution that is fast, easy and effective.

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