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Sonia Kashuk’s Linda-Mason inspired brushes are featured in the April 2015 issue of Allure.

Oh my. One little mention in Allure, and you get all backordered and sold out beyond belief. All hail, the power of the ladies mag.

Or, maybe it’s just those fantastic colors. In any case, the Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition of 10 brushes in honor of British artist Linda Mason is being sold exclusively at Target for $35.99. She’s known for her creative use of color — usually vibrant, abstract splashes and brushstrokes. She’s a color warpaint master.

This natural hair set of brushes (thanks for disclosing marketing team!) is made of ABS material for the handles and features an aluminum gold-plated ferrule and feet.

And that’s where all the ho-hum normal stops.Screenshot 2015-04-08 20.03.13

These brushes are colored in hot, with hot-pink fibers and orange tips.  And, importantly, the creative Mason-inspired paint job.

Brushes included: a powder brush, blush brush, pointed foundation brush, dense powder/blush brush, concealer brush, pointed blending brush, crease shadow brush, medium eye shadow brush, angled eye shadow brush and smudge brush.

This, my friends, is a good, useful set of toe shapes from Sonia and her manufacturer, whomever that is. We have found Sonia’s brushes to be, consistently, well made, with good fit and finish and little to no shedding. They wear abuse nicely.

Linda Mason

Linda Mason

There only two major considerations with these brushes:

One, this is natural hair in hot pink and orange. So the fiber is clearly dyed. That means you should wash these at least one time thoroughly before the first use. If there is any bleeding at all, which there should not be, you may want to read this. That said, Sonia has used other bold colors in her fibers before, such as purple, and we’ve had no report of bleeding.

Two: Where on earth can you get them? These brushes were released on April 5, and sold out in less than a week. won’t let you place an advance order. And “limited availability” is listed at virtually every store in my area. … If you need a good excuse to run to your local Target, this is probably a good one. You may want to pick up some extras if you can. These will definitely be worth more than market price on eBay …

If you can’t find her brushes, you may find one of her other limited edition items – a vanity tray, brush cup or brush roll.

Also, if you want to read up more on Linda Mason, you should check out her website. She’s also written a few makeup books, which focus heavily on the use of color. Among the titles, “Eye Candy” and “Makeup: The Art of Beauty.” If you love colorful eyeshadows, you should seriously consider her Eye Candy book.


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