Do Makeup Brushes Really Matter?


I can get away with a pretty decent makeup job with my fingers – especially if I’m using finger paint-y cream products à la Mad Men. But does this mean I’d ever go brushless? NEVER!

In an experiment that proves the value of makeup brushes, Hayli Goode over at Bustle did a report on a side-by-side makeup application with her pics on the left using brushes and the ones on the right using her fingers.

And the results are as brush-tastic as you might expect. Says Hayli: “my foundation blended much better with my skin than if applied with my hands. I also used less foundation than when I used my hands to dot the foundation all over my face, then rub. The dry spots on my chin and nose were much more prominent when I rubbed with my hands, as well.”Screenshot 2015-02-16 07.32.57

The conclusion of Hayli’s report is that brushes do, indeed, make a difference in makeup application. (No surprise to us here at My Brush Betty!)

And although she doesn’t get into the type of brushes she’s using, we’ll take it a step further and say that the type of brush you use also can make a big difference in terms of material (specific types of synthetics and animal hair make a difference in how they pair with specific makeup), as well as toe shape. Even handle length and shape can make a difference in how well you can apply product and see what you’re doing.

Which is why we’re all about brushes here at My Brush Betty. Yes, brushes matter.

But the true gospel of makeup brushes is best spoken by beauty vlogger extraordinaire Wayne Goss:

“It was always about the brushes. I’ve been one of those people … that throughout my career, who said that it’s much better to have a really good brush and cheap makeup than it is to have really expensive makeup and a poor brush.

“Because you can do so much more with a really good makeup brush.”


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