Still Searching: More Nars Ita Replacement Suggestions


Morphe MB30 – DELUXE FLAT CONTOUR ($14.95)

Yes, the $55 Nars Ita is still out of stock, leading to continued widespread disappointment in the Land o’ Beauty.

Based on our emails and web traffic on the issue, this is a contouring crisis!

So based on even more demand for even more Nars Ita dupe suggestions, we have another one for you.

This one comes via @Dallas_Dar on Twitter.

It’s the Morphe brand MB30 Deluxe Flat Contour Brush, which retails for $14.95. They also sell a similar version, the MB460, here.

That said, we STRONGLY DISLIKE the Morphe website, as it has virtually no information about the brushes. No information on the hair fiber, brush size, handle or ferrule materials … We can’t even tell you how the Deluxe MB30 is different from the MB460.

But we’ve got a request in for more info, so we’ll keep you posted. Still, at a third of the price of the Nars brush, it might be worth a try!

Please let us know your experience with Morphe brushes if you have any!  

1 comment on Still Searching: More Nars Ita Replacement Suggestions

  1. Mia
    December 19, 2014 at 12:56 pm (9 years ago)

    The MB line (all black) are synthetic and the onest with the silver are natural, I believe. I’m waiting for mine to try it out.


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