The Artisan Brush Collection: Earthy. Exquisite. Epic.

Make Up For Ever - Artisan Brush Line. Available in Sephora. September 2013.

Make Up For Ever – Artisan Brush Line. Available at Sephora. September 2013.

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new Artisan Brush Collection is earthy, exquisite, and epic in range.

Seriously. There are so many brushes — SEVENTY-SIX — that the collection has its own classification, and sub-classification, system. MUFE calls it “the most expansive luxury brush collection available today.”

Even for a brush-aholic, or a professional makeup artist, just understanding the offerings can be a bit like browsing a tempting, outsized wine list. (But if you can find a solid gem or two, it’s always worth the hunt!)

image001The first thing you’ll notice about the collection, which is manufactured by the French brush-maker Raphaël, at its plant on the island of Mauritius, just off the coast of Africa, is that the line features beechwood handles that are given a distressed, but still upscale, espresso-stain finish. Look closely at the handles and you’ll see they look like they were inspired by the well-worn brushes of a cloistered painter.

The grittiness of the handle is offset by gunmetal ferrules, which serve as a shiny, upscale belt to a mind-numbing variety of hair toe designs and synthetic fiber combinations. All done in the same earthy brown-and-black mix as the handle.

Creator & Artistic Director Dany Sanz

“The brush is an extension of the hand and is a fundamental tool for a makeup artist, whether he is a professional or amateur makeup artist, his canvas is the face.” – MUFE Creator & Artistic Director Dany Sanz

According to the press release, MUFE Creator & Artistic Director Dany Sanz, a painter herself, perfected each and every brush” throughout a five-year process that involved testing a variety of synthetic fibers that mimic the silky softness of natural hair.”

The brushes are said to be hand-crafted in more than two dozen manufacturing steps by 30 individuals and feature “unparalleled craftmanship.” Which may account for the relatively high price of the brushes, which are sold at Sephora, and range in price, from $55 for the #130 large and #126 medium powder brushes to $12 for the #272 eyelash brush.

While MUFE’s brushes feature synthetic hair, MUFE does not specifically identify the kind of fibers used. The company says it used the “most advanced technology,” which includes two types of synthetic fibers, wavy or straight, in various diameters.

“When fibers are straight, application is more generous and precise, while wavy bristles are more splayed, allowing for a lighter and freer application,” MUFE says. “A unique combination of the two fiber textures gives infinite creative possibilities. The softness and performance of each set of bristles is ensured by using tweezers and not scissors.” (Because you know how evil those scissors can be!)

Another feature of note: The ends of the handles have a beveled edge that may be helpful at scooping out makeup product or applying false eyelashes precisely to the upper lid. (They are very similar to the beveled brush edges of the nearly completely sold out Rae Morris brush collection, which features 27 brushes and has an air of sisterly similarity to this line).

Make Up For Ever - Artisan Brush Line. Available in Sephora. September 2013.

Make Up For Ever – Artisan Brush Line. Available at Sephora. September 2013.

Brushes in the MUFE Artisan collection are numbered:
100s = complexion
200s = eyes
300s = lips
400s = artistic specially designed for professionals.
The lineup is then further sub-categorized depending on textures or product type, and is given units to indicate the size of each brush.

You can see the full collection in this handy PDF, or you can just browse some of these fancy toes, and their reviews, below.






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