Getting Pretty Nervous Now


Today, I’m going to meet with a video production company in Ferndale, MI, about shooting my video for the Kickstarter campaign.

The closer I get to really doing this, and going public with my idea, the more anxious and nervous I become. And I might mention, I’m not normally a nervous kind of person.

I have noticed, since I had a baby two years ago, that I worry more than I used to, which I suppose is normal when a little life depends on you.

But I’m in an extreme place of anxiety now, whipsawing between doubts and confidence on this project.Anxious girl / retro / pop art style

My husband, who initially teased me about becoming a laughing stock if this didn’t work out, is now my biggest supporter. Now, he is sending me helpful little news items about Kickstarter.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” he says.

Sarah A. Webster
My Brush Betty

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