Boo! Hoo! The Nars Ita is (apparently) Sold Out — Again!


nars-ita-kabuki-brushTALLpicIn early March, we reported that the Nars Ita #21 was back in stock, as part of an update on our January story about how Nars can’t keep up with demand on this brush.

When the brush returned to the market — only on the Nars website — the price had jumped to $55, up from $39.

And, just like we reported would likely happen, the brush sold out very quickly again, despite the price increase.

Nars 21

Nars #21 Contour Brush.

In January, we said: “If you still insist on getting next-gen Ita brush when it comes out, we advise checking for it repeatedly on the Nars, Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus sites. Like every single day … If you don’t get the first round of inventory, chances are good, you’ll be waiting for it again …”

In the meantime, Nars apparently has begun selling one of its contour brushes with the label #21, as if to suggest a replacement. It’s $42. But, as many of you know, people love the Nars Ita for the total sleek and modern art package it provides, so we’re afraid a conventional brush isn’t going to cut it when replacing the beloved Nars Ita. Even if you paint the ferrule matte black.

What’s a girl to do? Well, start by reading our review to really consider if it’s the Nars Ita you want and find another dupe, although we’ve discovered that several of those dupes and recommendations are also sold out or backordered.

Apparently, there is a great contouring craze afoot. Gone missing: the Everyday Minerals Itahake ($15.99), which is no longer listed as available, and the Napoleon Perdis ’15b’ Angled Contour Sable Brush. ($22). It’s a more conventional contouring brush, and it’s listed as backordered until April 18.

Now, here is what you’ve been waiting for. This is our pretty Forget-You-Nars-Ita-Brush!

Hakuhodo Itabake Medium. $60

Hakuhodo Itabake Medium. $60

This brush is BETTER and even more artsy and cool than the Nars Ita! And it costs almost the same — $60 — just a few hairs more. It’s the medium Itabake brush in Japanese brush maker Hakuhodo’s line.

These brushes are absolutely beautiful in white goat hair. They are more organic looking than the sleek, modern Nars Ita, but on the art scale, they may top the Nars Ita in beauty, depending on your leanings.

Hakuhodo is regarded as one of the top brush makers of the world. It churns out 500,000 brushes a month, under its own brand and for many global cosmetic companies. Hakuhodo is located in Kumano, which is the luxury makeup brush capital of the world.

Quite frankly, Hakuhodo probably manufactures the Nars Ita anyway! (Manufacturers are often very hush-hush about who their customers are, so we don’t know for sure.)

So, if you really want a super cool Nars dupe that is even more artsy and Japanese then Nars itself, choose a Hakuhodo Itabake!

Now ladies, let’s go shopping at Hakuhodo USA!


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