One Beauty Blogger’s Makeup Brush Obsession

Try This!

Try This!

“Be-wa-re, do not try to do this at home.” So says Sonia, over at the blog Sweet Makeup Temptations. Her passion for makeup brushes is legendary. The self-described “brushpeologist” has a collection that is very Japanese in origin and so large that she just dedicated an entire dresser to her collection. It also happens to be a very expensive habit (and one from which we can learn much!). Sonia recently purchased an Ikea Alex chest of drawers ($119) to store her prized brushes. Given that the dresser cost just as much as she spends on some of her brushes, we (playfully) recommend a safe instead! 😉 Prepare to salivate with envy!

Koyudo H Series H013 fan shape brush with baby goat hair. $45.69.

Koyudo H Series H013 fan brush, with baby goat hair. $45.69.


If you’re looking for that pretty pink fan brush in her collection, you can find it here.

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