The Osbourne Family Makeup Brush Set


In the latest edition of celebrity-endorsed makeup brushes, we have Mommy Sharon and Daughter Kelly going all platinum-purple, pinky-red on us.

And we have to take a break for a long sigh here — looooong siiiiiiiiiiigh — because M-A-C has once again not provided information on the fiber materials used in the brushes.  All they say are things like this: “The Flat Buffer Brush is a short-handled brush made of lush, dense fibers.”

Real? Synthetic? Who knows? …. We’ll shoot them a Tweet to try and find out …

Rihanna for M·A·C 'RiRi Hearts M·A·C' 187 Face Powder/Blush Brush (Limited Edition). $42. Nordstrom.

Rihanna for M·A·C ‘RiRi Hearts M·A·C’ 187 Face Powder/Blush Brush (Limited Edition). $42. Nordstrom.

Anyway, the brushes, which are available here at Nordstrom, are pretty, just like Rhianna‘s brushes by MAC. You will pay a premium for these celebrity-backed brushes, but at least you’ll have one.

Also, the $58 Kelly Flat Buffer is sold out on the MAC site, but still available at Nordstrom. It’s more of an art piece than the others.

Still, our choice pick of the bunch: Kelly’s #219 Pencil Brush.

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