French = Pretty Awesome, n’est-ce pas?


When MAKE UP FOR EVER came out with its epic 76-model Artisan Brush Collection, it chose esteemed French brush maker Raphaël to manufacture the line.

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Founded in 1793 by a man simply called “Mr. Parent” on the company’s website, the Raphaël company was purchased by Charles Sauer in 1859 and has been handed down through his family ever since. Like many makeup brush manufacturers, Raphaël also makes artist brushes.

Over the years, Raphaël has survived all manner of business challenges, from political revolutions to all those pesky complications that can be related to family successions. Now in its fifth generation, the company has been represented by Jean-Roch Sauer since 1975 and by Eric Sauer since 1987.

The “Max Sauer sas” Company, as it is now known, says that family rigor in management, teamwork, optimum quality and service remain priorities, and that Raphaël combines innovation, R&D with centuries-old traditional knowledge.

The company has two industrial sites for making brushes, one in France, whose brushes come with the rare “Made in France” insignia on the handle, and the other in the Republic of Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, just off the southeast coast of the African continent.

Click on the gif to see a short video about all the steps that go into their brush making.

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    Any idea where those brushes can be bought?


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