Dear Men Who Use Brushes: We Salute You!


mashupMen use makeup brushes.

It’s no big deal – or at least it shouldn’t be.

This whole makeup thing is *art* after all.

But because men using makeup brushes is still a thing for some people, we salute these men for their fearless love of our favorite beauty tool, the beauty brush.

portrait of a young business man saluting and looking at the camHere are our favorite men who love brushes. Dudes, we celebrate you. For your love of face art.

Here are our favorite gentlemen who use makeup brushes and educate us about them.

MakingFacesanimation (16)AucoinBrushesatBarneys1. The late Kevyn Aucoin. Who else, really, deserves the No. 1 spot? His books on makeup are some of the very best, especially Making Faces, which is beautiful and lovely in hard cover – thank you. You can also buy brushes under his brand name at Barneys, such as this $650 set here.

2. Wayne Goss. We adore Mr. Goss for so many reasons: 1) We like his leanings toward small and precise brushes over the enormous puffy versions. 2.) He gives good, earnest, honest advice. 3.) He preaches the gospel of good brushes.

Says he: “It’s much better to have a really good brush and cheap makeup than it is to have really expensive makeup and a poor brush.”

Amen, bro.

As you likely know, Mr. Goss also has his own brush line.

3. EnKore Makeup

4. The Sublime Agent

5. Dustin Hunter

6. Reggie Wells

7. JoshCollierMUA

8. ChrisRushtonable

9. John Maclean

10.  This German guy, Chris Celsius.

Honorable Mention: Zoella’s brother, Joe!

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