Getting Lots-a Things Done


I like To-Do Lists. I’d be lost without them. For me, there’s a lot of satisfaction in striking through a line when I’ve completed a task.

A long time ago, I read this book, “Getting Things Done,” by David Allen, and, generally speaking, his approach basically multiplied the amount of work I can get done in my life with confidence and ease.

It made me not so afraid of taking on big projects on top of lots of other projects because I have a system, a plan, for getting things done.

So, at the start of this project, I created a massive to-do list of all the things I would need to do. Without listing each and every thing, here are the major highlights:

  • Investigate makeup brush manufacturing, to make sure I really understand the process and why my homemade contraption has worked so well all these years. Understand the scientific reasons.
  • Continue market research about beauty market, specifically beauty device market and makeup brush cleaning. Is it seasonal? Does a market even exist for this type of thing?
  • Do a competitive analysis. What can I glean from what’s already out there?
  • Re-evaluate whether I want to continue this project.
  • Find and hire engineer.
  • Engineer MyBrushBetty.
  • Test MyBrushBetty aggressively.
  • Re-evaluate whether I want to continue this project.
  • Hire graphic artist to build logo and brand assets. Make sure I get it right, no matter how many revisions.
  • Re-Investigate beauty market, specifically beauty device market. Has anything changed?
  • Re-evaluate whether I want to continue this project.
  • Build MyBrushBetty website.
  • Facebook page.
  • Twitter page.
  • Pinterest page.
  • Instagram account.
  • Keep website, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., accounts alive with live content on a regular basis. Give myself long list of story assignments.
  • Build relevant beauty-loving audience.
  • Become as expert as possible on the topic of makeup brushes.
  • Re-evaluate whether I want to continue this project.
  • Finalize engineering design.
  • Finalize graphic assets, labels, etc.
  • Finalize patent application.
  • Decide how to go-to market (investors, loan, crowdfunding?)
  • Get manufacturing quotes.
  • Re-evaluate whether I want to continue this project.
  • Investigate all shipping-related costs.
  • Re-evaluate whether I want to continue this project.
  • Decide whether I want to add my soap and gel to product?
  • Find source for soap and/or gel.
  • Test lots of soaps and gels with a wide variety of brushes, etc.
  • Investigate how to create and deploy digital advertising (AdSense, AdChoices, Facebook, Twitter, etc?)
  • Do all necessary homework around each step. Double-check everything twice.

And must not forget:

  • Regular life
  • Take care of family
  • Continue doing excellent work at “work-work.” (Not to be confused with what we at home would start calling Betty-work)

Soon to become a normal conversation at my house:

Says husband: “Do you have to work tonight?”

Me: “Of course.”

Husband: “Work-work or Betty-work”

Typical answer: “Both.”



By Sarah A. Webster
My Brush Betty