A Spinning Makeup Brush for Grandma? …


The Clairisonic-inspired makeup brush you never asked for is here!

Doll 10 (which makes an excellent illuminating blush that I use most days) has come out with the “BlendSmart Rotating Foundation Brush.”

I bought one to test out, and it’s not here yet, but fair warning: Sticker! Shock!

For $59.98, plus shipping, I will be reporting back to you on this new “innovation.”

Or, as QVC would like to put it: “Two easy payments of $30.”

The inventor of the product is actually a guy from Houston, Steve Machiorlette, and there’s a story about how he developed the new brush here.

On one hand, I think this brush is pretty silly and will be around for a short cycle or two. I mean, messing with batteries and such to do your makeup? … I dunno.

On the other hand, I think it might be useful for older women with arthritis or maybe other disabilities? … Might also be a good gift for teens.

The brush also has optional brush heads of various styles that you can change out. They retail for $22 a pop, and there’s a flat top and a dome-shaped toe on the different brush heads. The brush head that comes with the “brush system” looks like a duo fiber-number but there’s no real info on the fiber. It’s sort of like, “Pay no attention to the actual brush – just watch the spinning circle …”

I will report back after my brush arrives.

In the meantime, you can click here and enjoy the video at QVC:

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