The Science – Yes, Science! – of Makeup Brushes


As I’ve written before, if you’re only familiar with the term “taklon” when talking about synthetic makeup brushes, then you really are shortchanging your beauty knowledge.

There’s a whole range of advanced new synthetic makeup fibers on the market that are good not just with liquids and cream, but also with powders.

And that news (which isn’t super-new) is honestly still new to a lot of folks, because the old conventional wisdom that synthetics are only good with liquid and cream cosmetic products has persisted in many circles. But it’s just not true anymore!

DuPont, the American chemical company based in Delaware, which originally invented Taklon, has invested a lot of R&D in developing a range of newer synthetic fibers such as Natrafil that are good at everything natural fibers are good at doing.

The Japanese company Taiki, one of the leading brush manufacturers in the world, has also worked with DuPont to develop Tafre fiber. That product uses DuPont’s Sorona, which contains 37% percent renewable plant-based ingredients — from corn — and extrudes it from machines in a unique way that is more similar to the way hair grows out of skin for a more sophisticated fiber that picks up powder more like natural animal hair.

My Brush Betty was asked a few years back to talk about the developments in these new fibers, and we only recently found the video online and can share it with you here:


Sarah A. Webster
My Brush Betty

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  1. Iris
    August 1, 2016 at 4:29 pm (8 years ago)

    Do you know who manufactures the Up&Up brushes by Target?


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