True Story About My Baby Sister


If I had any doubts about bringing My Brush Betty to market, my sister, Joyce, helped me take one more step toward curing them.

Simply by being her everyday Millennial self.

Joyce is 13 years younger than me, so she was 29 at the time of this story.

We were home for Christmas, and I had the My Brush Betty prototype No. 1 in tow.

Like me, Joyce was blessed (sarcasm) with acne.

She told me that her Proactive routine wasn’t working as well as it had for the last few years. And her face was looking, um, not so great …

I told her to go get her makeup brushes. I wanted to see them.

After rummaging through the bottom of her purse, Joyce proceeded to present me with one filthy brush that was splayed out beyond belief. I wish I had taken before-and-after photos.

As I learned that day, my sister, who is pretty low maintenance and naturally beautiful, primarily uses just one makeup brush. That’s right: One Makeup Brush.

She uses this one brush to apply virtually all of her makeup. She uses it to apply mineral foundation, her blush and any other product that she decides to use, such as contouring powder.

To me, this is crazy and, she’s my sister, so I’m blunt: “Joyce, you realize you’re just mixing all the colors on your face, right?”

She’s no diva and so gave me a so-what shrug.

But what’s even crazier is this:

“When’s the last time you cleaned this?” I asked.

To which Joyce replied: “I’ve never cleaned it.”


“Yes, never,” she replied.

Me: “Well, how long have you owned this brush?”

Joyce: “You bought it for me when Bare Minerals came out.”

Me: “That was like 1990-something.”

Joyce: “Yeah, I know.”

“That’s like over a decade, Joyce. Holy Jeez, no wonder your face is breaking out.”

Joyce: “I never thought about it.”


Anyway, we proceeded to clean Joyce’s one brush, which happened to be the classic Bare Escentuals brush, which is made with goat hair. So there are tons of scales in the cuticle of goat hair to collect makeup particles, dirt and bacteria.

You wouldn’t believe the crud that came out of that thing.

And I don’t mind admitting it here, but it took more than a normal single shake-cleaning session to get it totally clean. I think we did three in all, which still didn’t take long. … But the thing had never, ever been cleaned. For more than a decade.

Suffice it to say, Joyce now appreciates the importance of using a clean brush, and possibly even more than one brush. And her skin is back to normal, just in time for her upcoming wedding.

All of which convinced me: My sister is your average, everyday young professional, just busy bopping through life. It might sound frivolous to some people, but I figured I could help a lot of people, including my own beloved sister, with My Brush Betty.


Sarah A. Webster
My Brush Betty

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