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Wayne Goss Second Anniversary Brush Set. $225.Just in time for the holidays, beauty vlogger Wayne Goss has launched a limited edition 8-brush anniversary set for $225 at Beautylish.

What’s the anniversary of? His first breakthrough brush set, of course! That set, which brought a more Japanese makeup brush style to the mainstream, went like gangbusters.

This also Japanese-made brushes include an updated release of the popular white-haired Brush 01 (a limited edition unto itself) and introduces the new Brush 05, a small crease brush, which will become a permanent addition to The Collection.

Wayne Goss Brush 05.Each Brush has been  handcrafted by traditional artisans in Kumano, Japan — the luxury makeup brush-making capital of the world, which we’ve written about before.

Something new in this set is that the brand name lettering on the handle comes in a purple-rose jewel tone.

Wayne Goss has always said his natural brushes are cruelty-free, but they are natural, so we would love details someday on what makes these goat hair brushes cruelty free.

That said, these brushes are known for using high-grade soft goat hair, which are bundled uncut into a durable brass ferrule. Why does uncut matter? Read this article for more.

These are lovely brushes and the selection of toes is great. As we’ve noted before, Wayne is not a fan of big overdone powder brushes. And neither are we. So you should note that while you have a face brush, and a blush brush, there’s no fat-toe powder brush here.

One other thing about the price on these: Beautylish will break the payment into 3 installments of $75, using the flexible payment option. Each set also includes complimentary express shipping, which we’d honestly expect at this price.

If you’re considering this set for a holiday gift, we’d also encourage you to swing by our updated listing of 2015 Holiday Brush Sets. The only reason we’re not adding this set to that list is because it apparently does not include a carrying case of any kind, which we think is on the lame side at this price point. If you don’t know what we mean, go look at the very comparable Trish McEvoy brushes on the holiday brush page as a reference.

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