Bizarre. Awkward. Bloody Awful. Slightly Mental. – A Beauty Brush Review Like No Other


animation (5)Granted, Wayne Goss, beauty blogger extraordinaire, now sells his own brushes. So he’s not exactly a fully independent reviewer anymore.

But, heck, we still trust (and love!) him.

MasterClassBrushCollection-LineUp-300And Wayne basically says that two of the three new MAC Masterclass brushes – you know, the ones that look like toothbrushes — are just, well, strange.

“I’m not a big fan at all,” he said.

At various points in his video, he calls the Oval 3 and Linear 1 brushes: awkward, bizarre, bloody awful and, our favorite, “slightly mental.”

That said, he said the Oval 6 foundation brush is “a very good brush” for buffing in foundation.

In watching the video, take note: you can literally hear the Oval 3 and Linear 1 brushes scratch-scratch-scratching his skin. At one point, he calls the linear brush “scratchy.” Which is no joke. We can hear it, Wayne!







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