Shake-cleaning makeup brushes
is fast, easy and effective

We Promise.
Shake-cleaning makeup brushes in My Brush Betty is the most fun you’ll ever have cleaning your makeup brushes.

It’s convenient.
A handful of brushes can be cleaned quickly, and all at once, without ever getting your hands dirty.

It’s highly effective.
Whether your brushes are made with real animal hair or synthetic fibers, they have a microscopically textured surface structure that allows them to pick up makeup particles. That’s also the reason why this form of agitation is highly effective at cleaning them. It literally shakes the crud out.

BrushCutawayIt’s clever.
(If we may say so ourselves.)
We challenged the conventional wisdom that brushes should not be submerged in water, with common sense and science, and found a better way.

Dirty brushes are bad.
Brushes covered in old makeup, facial oil, dirt and bacteria can cause and aggravate acne. They can also counteract the effectiveness of expensive skin care regimens.

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Spring Cleaning Woman ScreamingTHE DIRTY TRUTH

Cleaning makeup brushes
individually is a chore!

Chances are good that – right now – your makeup brushes are dirty. Covered in old makeup, facial oil, dead skin, dirt and bacteria you can’t even see, trapped inside the hair’s cuticle or textured surface structure.
The truth is, most women spend gobs of money on skin care and makeup –  only to rub a filthy, germy brush on their face.
We get it. We really do.
Cleaning makeup brushes is a time-consuming chore.
For decades, cosmetics companies and beauty experts have recommended that women clean their brushes – individually – by hand. With $pecial soaps, sprays and wipes.
Is it any wonder that women put off cleaning them?
But most women would actually like their brushes cleaned once a week. That’s because you already understand the benefits.
The buildup of gunk must be periodically removed to prevent acne and other problems. Keeping makeup brushes clean also prolongs brush life, prevents makeup contamination and keeps makeup vibrant.
Ever notice how makeup colors seem to fade over time? That’s usually not the makeup. More often, it’s dirty makeup brushes muddying things up.
With My Brush Betty, you can finally clean a handful of makeup brushes – simultaneously – in just a few minutes.
Happy Shaking!
— My Brush Betty


Makeup brushes can accumulate bacteria, dust, and dirt, all of which permit the growth of further bacteria, which can aggravate underlying skin conditions like acne.”
— Manhattan dermatologist Julie Karen, M.D. in VOGUE.


dirty makeup brushes - the truth about dirty makeup brushes

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