Mariah Carey MAC Brush 183 Side View - My Brush Betty

Don’t Stop Believing – New Brushes For 2017


Hello Loves! There’s so much new in the land of makeup brushes for 2017, and many perfect items for getting ready for Valentine’s Day! I apologize for being gone so long, but there was there has been a new job, a distracting election, and a demanding 4-year-old keeping me busy. As Mariah Carey would say, […] Read more…

LES MINIS DE CHANEL Mini Brush Set, $125.

(The-Election-is-Not-Even-Over!) 2016 Holiday Makeup Brush Set Guide


It may be difficult to focus on things like limited-edition, holiday makeup brush sets while the state of the United States government swings in the balance, but the 2016 election will be over soon—and life must go on! If you were not aware, the last three months of the year are *the very best time […] Read more…

Australian model Anthea Page gets eye infection requiring medication from a dirty makeup brush. News follows other cases of dirty makeup brushes causing breakouts and infections, including the story of an Australian mother who was paralyzed by a dirty makeup brush.

Model Gets Infection from Dirty Makeup Brushes


The subject of dirty makeup brushes—and the damage they can do—is a perennial topic here at My Brush Betty. Normally, that includes the everyday perils of dirty makeup brushes, such as breakouts and muddy makeup application, but our coverage has also included a young mother paralyzed and countless infections, which require medication to treat. Today, […] Read more…

Understand Makeup Brushes – Understand Makeup


It’s so important, I’ll repeat that headline again: Understand makeup brushes, understand makeup. So says Jaclyn Hill, the YouTube beauty guru with more than 3 million subscribers. What she said precisely in the video above here is: “If you understand your brushes, you can understand makeup.” Of course, My Brush Betty — the website dedicated […] Read more…

29 New Brushes, and Cruelty Ain’t One


Urban Decay has spun 29 new UD PRO makeup brushes from recycled plastic bottles. That puts these brushes in the fancy class of advanced new synthetic brushes I’ve written about before. We give UD a thumbs-up for some smart marketing info here, too: “The brushed gunmetal handles are made from recycled aluminum, and the super-soft, […] Read more…

The Science – Yes, Science! – of Makeup Brushes


As I’ve written before, if you’re only familiar with the term “taklon” when talking about synthetic makeup brushes, then you really are shortchanging your beauty knowledge. There’s a whole range of advanced new synthetic makeup fibers on the market that are good not just with liquids and cream, but also with powders. And that news […] Read more…

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