The Pretty Forget-You-Nars-Ita-Brush


Hakuhodo Itabake Medium. $60Tired of waiting for the Nars Ita or scrambling to get it during one of the small windows of inventory-opportunity?

Well, here is what you’ve been waiting for. This is our recommended Forget-You-Nars-Ita-Brush!

This brush is BETTER and even more artsy and cool than the Nars Ita! And it costs almost the same — $60 — just a few hairs more. It’s the medium Itabake brush in Japanese brush maker Hakuhodo’s line. These brushes are absolutely beautiful in white goat hair. They are more organic looking than the sleek, modern Nars Ita, but on the art scale, they may top the Nars Ita in beauty.

Hakuhodo is also regarded as one of the top brush makers of the world. It churns out 500,000 brushes a month, under its own brand and for many global cosmetic companies. Hakuhodo is located in Kumano, which is the luxury makeup brush capital of the world.

Quite frankly, Hakuhodo probably manufactures the Nars Ita anyway! (Manufacturers are often very hush-hush about who their customers are, so we don’t know for sure.)

So, if you really want a super cool Nars dupe that is even more artsy and Japanese then Nars itself, choose a Hakuhodo Itabake!

Now ladies, let’s go shopping at Hakuhodo USA!

(P.S. We also have more Nars Ita dupe suggestions here.)

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