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They’re he-re … About those Wayne Goss brushes


If you are truly serious about makeup or makeup brushes, chances are you already know Wayne Goss. If not, he is a rock star makeup artist, instructor and vlogger, with more than a million YouTube subscribers. In what may be one of the most anticipated makeup brush launches ever, “Wayne Goss, The Collection” debuted exclusively […] Read more…

City of Brushes – Yes, Makeup Brushes!


The town of Kumano, in the prefecture of Hiroshima, Japan, is responsible for 80 percent of all brushes manufactured in Japan, including calligraphy brushes, paint brushes and makeup brushes. The people there have been making brushes since the early 19th Century, and they even have an annual brush festival. Master brush maker Tesshu Takemori, who […] Read more…

About — The Makeup Brush Blog


Launched in October 2013, My Brush Betty’s Brush Blog is entirely devoted to makeup brushes. At My Brush Betty, #welovemakeupbrushes: The art, science, manufacturing, marketing and, of course, care and cleaning. Did you know that more than tens of millions of makeup brushes are sold every year around the world? That’s right: Tens of millions. […] Read more…

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