Hello Kitty’s $450 Brush Set?


HelloKittyWe’ll pass on the SPAM in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face, but we’d like to take a closer look at the $450 crystal-encrusted Hello Kitty makeup brush set supposedly on display in downtown LA at the first Hello Kitty fan convention.

The event is expected to draw 25,000 fans. So while we can’t find an actual photo of the actual brush set online anywhere (yet), we’ll post some options below and hopefully someone will Tweet us a pic?!

HK Brush Set 2The main photo featured in this article is actually this $59.99 Hello Kitty available on Amazon.

Or this set to the right for $28.09.

There’s also the popular retractable Hello Kitty brush below for $21.99.

Tweet @MyBrushBetty if you have a pic of the $450 brush set!

HK Retractable


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