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Branding Time: From Bestie to Betty


Now, I could have simply slapped the label “Makeup Brush Washing Machine” on this invention of mine and tried to bring it to market. But what fun would that be? And, without a doubt, one of the more fun parts of this whole project was developing and executing the branding of My Brush Betty! While […] Read more…

Engineers Make Dreams Come True!


Even though I work with engineers and manufacturers on a daily basis in my day job, I didn’t know a whole lot about how to hire one for this project. I also had no idea what it might cost. So I reached out to the guys who sparked this whole project in my head in […] Read more…

Getting Lots-a Things Done


I like To-Do Lists. I’d be lost without them. For me, there’s a lot of satisfaction in striking through a line when I’ve completed a task. A long time ago, I read this book, “Getting Things Done,” by David Allen, and, generally speaking, his approach basically multiplied the amount of work I can get done […] Read more…

Lawyering Up!


After I green-lighted this project in my head, one of the first things I did was call a lawyer. (See how fast things get complicated and expensive!) I was lucky enough to already know one of the best intellectual property attorneys in Metro Detroit, John Carlson of Carlson, Gaskey & Olds in Birmingham, MI, so […] Read more…

Click! The Day the Light Bulb Turned On


To be honest, I never intended to invent anything — let alone bring a consumer product, a beauty product, to market. But sometimes, fate really does just intervene. Back in 2005, when I started shake cleaning my brushes in a sports drink shaker — which I eventually modified by cutting out the bristles of a […] Read more…

My Story


MY STORY Necessity (Really) is the Mother of Invention Hi! My name is Sarah Webster, and I’m the inventor of My Brush Betty’s premium makeup brush cleaning kit and line of products. Like many inventions, this one happened sort of by accident. But as the old saying goes: Necessity is the mother of invention. Back […] Read more…

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