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Allure: Brush Pearl Doesn’t Really Work


So, someone over at Allure, “The Beauty Expert” magazine, tested out the Brush Pearl, which is essentially a tiny dishwasher for your makeup brushes. Bottom line: It didn’t really work. As the author, Stephanie Saltzman, writes: “Frictionless cleaning wasn’t going to cut it; bring on the elbow grease. Insert sad-face emoji here.” Which isn’t all […] Read more…

What is the *Very* Best Foundation Brush?


Finding a good foundation brush should be so simple, right? But if you’ve ever had difficulty finding a foundation brush that works great for you, take comfort: you’re in good company, and there’s a legitimate, logical explanation for all the frustrating trial and error. First of all, there are tons of different types of foundation […] Read more…

Exclusively at Neiman Marcus – Artis Fluenta


The Artis Fluenta brushes, exclusively at Neiman Marcus, are just like their lovely sisters, the Artis Elite Mirror Collection brushes. I am a fan of this style of brush, and, as such, the Artis Oval 10 is in My Brush Betty’s Hall of Fame. If you’re new to these Cosmefiber brushes — the brainchild of […] Read more…

Finishing School for Makeup Brushes


When beauty lovers say they are shopping for a “quality” makeup brush, that can mean a lot of things. Usually, it means they want a brush made out of high-quality materials that perform well and are put together in a way that will stand the test of time with repeated use. For many years, shoppers […] Read more…

Do Some Color Warpainting With the Master


Oh my. One little mention in Allure, and you get all backordered and sold out beyond belief. All hail, the power of the ladies mag. Or, maybe it’s just those fantastic colors. In any case, the Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition of 10 brushes in honor of British artist Linda Mason is being sold exclusively at […] Read more…

Makeup Brush Hoarders Unite!


We have been fans of vlogger Laura (hapagurl8) for some time now, and we really enjoyed her review of her latest brush haul. In particular we feel a sisterly love with her take on brushes. Says Laura: “I love makeup brushes. They are my favorite things to buy. I love makeup brushes even more than […] Read more…

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