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The Story Behind Those Sigma Brushes


Many people consider Sigma brushes a dupe for more expensive MAC brushes. But, in actuality, Sigma isn’t a copycat-only line. The brush brand offers real value and innovation. The brand was started by Simone Xavier and her husband, Rene Xavier Filho, as an eCommerce brand out of their home, as this article in the St. […] Read more…

It’s the Brush-iest Time of Year Again!


Happy Holidays! It’s the brushiest time of year again, a limited-edition time of year again … Get your holiday brushes while you can! Cheers, My Brush Betty P.S.: Our top pick is the Smashbox Pro set below. It’s one of the most complete sets below, so very useful! Smashbox brushes are also solid.       […] Read more…

Studio 54-Inspired Makeup Brushes — Right On!


Move over, Artis! There’s a new diva in the house! And just in time for the holiday selling season, too. We were pretty high on the spectacularly innovative and chrome-plated brushes from Artis, but these new ladies are just breathtaking. These Studio 54-inspired upscale disco brushes are from jewelry designer Alexis Bittar, who is taking […] Read more…

What is the Very Best Makeup Brush Brand?


“What is the very best makeup brush brand?” This is a common question out there in the beauty-sphere. But the answer is a little more complicated or convoluted than most consumers might realize. That’s because virtually no cosmetic brands manufacture, or make, their own makeup brushes! And virtually no makeup brush manufacturer makes one brand […] Read more…

Mirror, Mirror: Who’s The Prettiest Brush of All?


Surely, looks aren’t everything – but why shouldn’t a beauty tool be beautiful? Here, we’ve compiled some of the prettiest brushes on the market that aren’t just outfitted in ho-hum black and your everyday aluminum ferrule. We’d love to call it our Top Ten list of the prettiest brushes, but there’s too many supermodel brushes […] Read more…

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