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Mirror, Mirror: Who’s The Prettiest Brush of All?


Surely, looks aren’t everything – but why shouldn’t a beauty tool be beautiful? Here, we’ve compiled some of the prettiest brushes on the market that aren’t just outfitted in ho-hum black and your everyday aluminum ferrule. We’d love to call it our Top Ten list of the prettiest brushes, but there’s too many supermodel brushes […] Read more…

On The Brow Beat: Brushes Crush Pencils


If eyes are the windows to the soul, than your eyebrows are surely the frame. Whether that frame is natural and bushy in the style of Brooke Shields circa 1980, full and defined à la Kim Kardashian or neat and clean like a wholesome Cate Blanchett tends to be somewhat personal – and sway a little bit with the trends of […] Read more…

Hall of Fame: Stila’s One Step Wonder


This $32 brush is a double-ended synthetic brush that is like having an extra index and ring finger — but better! While the hair is soft, it is tightly packed, or dense, so there is some stiffness to the toe. So this one won’t splay on your face, although it does offer some nice flex. So why […] Read more…

Spectacularly Beautiful & Innovative New Makeup Brushes


Hi ladies and gents! A while back, we wrote about MAC’s innovative new oval and linear Masterclass brushes that look like toothbrushes or loofahs or the like. The brushes were actually the brainchild of Matthew Waitesmith, a former senior vice president at MAC Cosmetics, who is now a consulting partner at Taiki USA, a leading […] Read more…

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